Tuesday, March 18, 2008


ITEM! Well I’ve finally finished Madcap Mark Evanier’s Magnum Opus, Kirby: King of Comics, and I have to say... Well Done! Aside from some quibbles I have with the art direction of the cover (you could have called up your Uncle Stanley and asked how color registration in comics works, you know), this titanic tome is an absolute must-read for frenzied fans of the King.

The most interesting part to Yours Truly was the brief section on the consistently-contentious creation of everyone’s favorite web-spinner, Spider-Man. To be completely honest with you, pilgrims, I don’t remember what I had for lunch yesterday, my-as-less who did what over 45 years ago. I can tell you this: in the past I’ve been gratuitously guilty of taking any credit that wasn’t nailed down. But how to make after-the-fact amends? Judging by everyone’s response, even this sizzlingly sincere personal letter to Sturdy Steve Ditko didn’t get the job done.

But the truth is I’m not getting any younger, True Believers. And since your Uncle Stanley has the long-term memory of a headless cadaver, I’ve employed the stalwartly studious services of my own personal research assistant, Irving Forbush, to help me nail this puppy down once and for all.

After thorough research on the subject, including accounts from Joe Simon’s The Comic Book Makers, Will Eisner’s Shop Talk, the Steve Ditko 32-Page Package: Tsk! Tsk! and about a zillion issues of the Jack Kirby Collector, Forbush-Man assures me that he finally has the story straight. Marvel Entertainment attorneys are advised to turn back now and back-click to Forbes.com. 

Sincerely submitted for your approval is the following all-encompassing credit-box for the creation of The Amazing Spider-Man. Hope this makes everyone happy, even that Rascally Randian Stevey Ditko! You know what they say, Marvelites, “Success has many co-creators, but failure is a sales bomb.” Your Uncle Stanley doesn’t see anyone raisin’ Heck over who created Patsy Walker... 


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