Monday, March 31, 2008


ITEM! This is it, True Believers! The announcement that couldn’t wait but had to take a number and go sit patiently until all the litigious legal letters were laminated and lamented. Actually, I still can’t technically talk about it. You know Hollywood lawyers. But your Uncle Stanley can drop an inkling of insinuating innuendo. As you may already know, the House of Mouse and Yours Truly inked a development deal awhile back, and tomorrow I’ll be giving you boundless blog buffs an Intranet exclusive. This idea has been in the development stages for over a year, and I just dropped a hint of it in the Spidey Daily newspaper strip a few weeks ago to see if any over-eager No-Prize seekers would catch it. So until tomorrow, ponder away, oh peerless predictors of all thing precocious!


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