Thursday, March 13, 2008


ITEM! You’ll never guess what I came across while I was banging around in my hermetically-sealed homage to yesterday, otherwise know as “The Crypt.” I found my vivaciously vintage copy of the frollicking "flexidisk" record the Marvel Bullpen recorded in 1965 for inclusion with membership kits for the Merry Marvel Marching Society!

If you’ve ever wondered what Jolly Jack or Fabulous Girl-Friday Flo Steinberg's voices sounded like in real life, this is the one for you, True Believer! About the only Bellicose Bullpenner we didn’t get on this audacious auditory acclamation was Stuffy Steve Ditko, who took one look at my scintillating script for the thing and shouted something about “A is A” and “A day’s work for a day’s pay” and then stomped outta the building. Little did we know at the time...

But the most of the rest of the 1965 Bullpen are on this raucous recording! Hear, oh Fearless One, exactly what Jack “King” KirbySilly Sol Brodsky, Charming Chic Stone and Darling Dick Ayers all sound like while reading stiffly from my ponderously pre-prepared script!

What’s that you say? You weren’t even born in 1965, my-as-less still in possession of your M.M.M.S. membership kit? Shame on you, pilgrim! Thankfully, my Intraweb technical assistant Irving Forbush found this priceless performance out there somewhere on the World Wide Webs. Click HERE to be whisked magically away to Daring Doug Pratt’s blog and listen til’ your clamshell-like ears can’t take it anymore!


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