Saturday, March 29, 2008


ITEM! If you’re a Bombastic Baby Boomer (or even an exceptionally well-informed Gen-X’er), you may remember a couple of humor magazines written by Yours Truly back in the 60s: You Don’t Say! and Monsters to Laugh With (later Monsters Unlimitted). In both manic mags your Uncle Stanley took photographs (political in You Don’t Say!, movie monsters in Monsters to Laugh With) and gave them wonderously wacky comic word balloons.

If you think about it, the idea was pure genius. After all, by the mid-60s I was spending most of my days and nights putting in word balloons and captions for stacks of Kirby and Ditko penciled comic book art. With those two, I usually had a passing idea of what was really going on plot-wise at best. Taking pictures of Richard Nixon or Frankenstein’s Monster and giving them dementedly droll dialogue was a seamlessly simple segue from what I was already doing. Not to mention that using those procurable public-domain photographs meant no angst-ridden artists to coddle, credit or compensate. Plus it was an ever lovin’ kick to do!

I let you in on a secret, Fearless Front-Facers. Back in those simpler times, Yours Truly still dreamed of becoming a best-selling author, and I thought that maybe these marvelously mocking mags might become so successful that their contents would be recollected into best-selling books.

Well as Grandma Lieber used to say, never give up on your dreams, Tiger. Now on sale at fine booksellers everywhere is my new bestseller, Election Daze: What Are They Really Saying? This is an all-new comedic collection of sensational satire featuring all of your favorites: Gorgeous George W., High-Steppin’ Hillary, Barack-Attack Obama and even little Johnny McCain. Get your copious copy here.

This first volume has already been such a sizzling sales success that I’ve already got a sequel volume in the works. Since I really loved doing the monster photos too, I decided wouldn’t it be great if I could combine both of my comedic loves into one dizzyingly dazzling dramaturgy? Just for you, oh Keepers of the Faith, is a world-premiere sneak peek at my up-coming volume. We’re thinking of calling it Bride of Election Daze. Let your Fearless Leader know what you think!


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