Saturday, March 22, 2008


ITEM!  Letters! Hoo-Boy, do we ever get letters here at It’s Always Sunny in Soapbox-land! From time-to-time I’ll try and answer the perkiest of your pen-pal postings via the Electronic Intranets. This one just in from Odense, Denmark (who says this isn’t the Marvel Age of Instant International Inquiries?):

Dear Stan,

You said on your site that the technical assistant helping you with your blog is one Irving Forbush. Since Irving’s first appearance was in Not Brand Echh #1 in 1967, wouldn’t that make him nearly as old, and therefore as computer-illiterate, as you?


That’s quite a syntaxed non-gender-specific sobriquet you’ve gotten for yourself there, RoXr1138! May I call you RoXy? Any-hoo, RoXy, you’ve asked an excellent question that your Uncle Stanley is only too happy to answer.

Technically, Irving Forbush joined our Merry Marvel Bullpen when we were merely Magazine Management Corporation way back in the mid-50s. His "first appearance” was a creative credit in an early humor magazine of mine called Snafu, where he was listed as founder. And by founder, I meant that he ran out and got us our bagels and lox every morning. But you’re quite correct, Irresistible Irving is only a few years younger than your Uncle Stanley, which places his birth sometime in the middle Pleistocene.

But that was Irving Forbush Sr., who’s now comfortably retired and holding court poolside with a bevy of retired Playboy Bunnies somewhere in Boca Raton, Florida. My affably able assistant these days is his grandson, Irving Fonzworth Forbush III. Li’l Irv the Third started hanging out at the Mighty Marvel Offices way back when he was knee-high to an assistant editor... which came in pretty handy ‘cause he was a little knee-biter back then. He got Roy Thomas so many times the Rascally One started showing up to work in his soccer shin-guards.

Hope that clears up the generational mystery, RoXy. Forbush-Man 3 has not only inherited the cape and pan-like helmet of his grandaddy, he’s taken on the awesome responsibility of making sure that everything you see on this website accurately reflects all that is honest, heartfelt and humble in Yours Truly. Remember culture-lovers, that with great power comes great repost-ability. 


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